In the woods

This work was shown as part of the Dependent Rational Animals project with Roxy Walsh. After the show at Towner Gallery in Eastbourne, it was moved to its final location in Westfield near Hastings in England.

Sleeping Igloo (version 2)

This was the second iteration of the igloo bedroom. The outside of the structure was covered with strips of technical felt,

Sleeping Igloo (version 1)

Living in the studio was a liberation. But I needed a human-sized quiet, dark space to go to sleep and wake up in, so I made this nine-sided dome. I referred to it as an ‘igloo’ while the I was building it and the term stuck, even though it nothing to do with an igloo other than being a dome-shaped living space. The basic form was built using light timber battens which I covered with insulation, plastic for pond lining and found scaffolding net.

The house that grew into inself

Artist Statement
Sculpture outdoors presents me with something of a challenge: I find myself wondering whether the site would be better left empty. When nature is doing its
job of occupying a space it seems that it could easily make a fool of one who assumed they can better it, yet we have an impetus to occupy and control space and we need to construct shelters for ourselves. Shortly after arriving at Broomhill the word ‘fecund’ came into my mind and lodged itself there for the duration of the installation. As the issues of hubris and fecundity jostled in my mind with the desire to create a shelter in the woods, my solution was t half-occupy the space and allow nature to join the party, so I left the igloo frame open and vulnerable to its environment. The final piece suggests a thwarted or abandoned project to make the camp in the woods, but occupies the space subtly so that at some angles it becomes almost invisible.