31 March 2011

Photos by Anna Melnikova

17 December 2010

Studio Dwelling

Once that's done it will be habitable.
16 October 2010

Work set up in the Studio

Some work that was shipped to Berlin, some has been made in the last few months.
4 August 2010

National Sculpture Prize at Broomhill

Sculpture in the environment presents me with something of a challenge: I find myself wondering whether the site would be better left empty.
14 June 2010

Streatham no more

The studio is being packed up and moved to Berlin at the end of April.
24 April 2010

New Studio in Schlesischestrasse

18 April 2010

About the work..

12 April 2010

Hans Fallada.. The Drinker and others

15 February 2010

art-bin at the South London Gallery

Work heads to Michael Landy's art-bin at the South London Gallery.