9 February 2010

Shortlisted for the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Foto: Ulf Dieter. Work in progress at BBK's Sculpture Workshop in Berlin.
4 February 2010

Developing the work shot in Madagascar

2 February 2010

From Bali & elsewhere

This Balinese monkey teathered at the side of the road embodied a Beckettian notion of waiting for nothing.
1 January 2010


An object with a temporal dimension.
1 January 2010

Concrete Barrier 3200mm x 960mm x 460mm

A crumbling replica of an anti-terrorist barrier.
1 January 2010


A porcelain object encouraged to distort and crack
1 January 2010


Beckettian teathered monkey in Bali
1 January 2010


Performance at Braziers International Artists' Workshop.
9 November 2009

Sleeping the studio